January 3rd, 2009

Confucius say...

"Top of ladder nice place – but very lonesome."

Or so says our Malaysian fortune cookie.

The other fortune we got was more prosaic: "Good things come to those who graft hard while waiting" (or something along those lines).

Keep it all en famille

Ye old great, great, great... whatever he was grandfather from France was a man of many parts:

List of owners of the Godchaux family house at Reserve, Louisiana (sugar refinery).

History of Leon Godchaux as sugar refining magnate and The Life and Times of Leon Godchaux, Sugar King.

History of Leon Godchaux as department store magnate.

Article about him from the Los Angeles Times, November 1896.

Leon's daughter Elma apparently wrote a novel about him called Stubborn Roots, which seems to have been well received for its realistic portrayal of all different classes. She comes under "Jews / Women / Louisiana" at the State Library. A student at University of Louisiana wrote a dissertation on it in 2001. The New York Times reviewed it in 1936 and it had a mention in the New Orleans City Guide published in 1938. Must check out one of the four copies in the New Orleans Public Library next time I'm there...